Welcome BrainScratchers!

Welcome to the home for collaborators and superfans of BrainScratch!

If you don't know what BrainScratch is, it's a YouTube show on the LordanArts channel that covers unsolved mysteries. There are also two spin off shows, one called Searchlight which highlights missing person cases and Case Cracked which features solved cases.

You can access the shows in the players below, or visit the LordanArts channel HERE.

Here we will host additional research information about cases covered, steps on how you can contribute to the show, and an easier method to review cases that may span two or more episodes (being able to watch them in proper order, which is a big benefit).

You can also find links to help support the shows, so we can keep making BrainScratch, Searchlight, and Case Cracked regardless of the arbitrary decisions of the YouTube ad system.

Thanks for caring about these cases like I do.

-John Lordan

BRAINSCRATCH - Unsolved Mysteries

Searchlight - Missing Persons

Case Cracked