Community Managers

As the channel grows, there is more communication than ever. We need to make sure to keep the conversations respectful while capturing any important updates, details, and communication from friends and families of the loved ones we are discussing. I need help. I need YOU.

Community Managers will focus on one particular show and be responsible for watching the comment threads to make sure we're taking proper action to help the cases we cover. You will be working directly with Christy Arnhart and myself to learn how we keep the conversations on track and what to do if you find compelling or important information, including new case suggestions. In return, you'll get your name in the credits of the show you're working on and some other great perks including; meetings with our core team, special items that I usually reserve for in person giveaways, and even custom merchandise showing that your part of the LordanArts Team.

Christy Arnhart started in this role several years ago, grew into being a regular researcher, Associate Producer, and now she co-produces, researches, writes and is featured in most episodes of Case Cracked!

Want to learn more? Fill out the questionnaire below. We're looking for good people willing to dedicate their time and become an important part of what we provide to the communities we cover on the channel. Thank you for considering becoming a part of the LordanArts Team!

-John & Christy